Co-curricular Activities Team

Co-curriculum Activities Team

According to our ‘One Life, One Activity’ policy, co-curricular activities (CCA) are activities that take place outside regular class teaching and yet are related to student learning. As such, they fall within the scope of the school curriculum.

CCA should have the following functions:
  1. Reinforcing classroom learning and allowing students to put their knowledge and skills into practice
  2. Facilitating the teaching of certain skills and the inculcation of certain values which may present difficulties in a formal classroom setting
  3. Promoting students’ personal development by broadening their interests, developing their potential and providing opportunities for character formation and leadership training
  4. promoting students’ social development by offering opportunities for the broadening of their social experiences, the practice of social skills and the internalization of moral and social values
  5. making school life more challenging and interesting.
Student Community 1 Student Union Student Union acts a bridge between school and students. It helps to promote mutual understanding and communication between both parties.
2 Matthew House Our school has four houses, and every student belongs to one. In their houses, students across all forms can communicate and develop teamwork. They can support and encourage each other and explore their potentials through participating in house activities in different roles, while also building a caring campus and cultivating their sense of belonging.
Mark House
Luke House
John House
Services 3 Community Youth Club The Community Youth Club continues to provide our students with additional chances of caring, understanding and serving the community.
4 Library Club The Library Club aims to develop the leadership potential of student librarians and stretch their organisation and information management.
Academics 5 Chinese Club From the Chinese History and Culture Week, Calligraphy, Tea Art to different festival celebrations, we will organize various Chinese language and cultural activities throughtout the year. Every student has become our member already, but you are still welcome to join our commitee via contacting related teachers.
6 English Club English Club is a place for language learners to use English in a causal setting and users to sharpen their skills in a relaxed manner. In English Club, you get an opportunity to practise many different skills and enjoy fun activities such as cooking and baking, cultural parties with friends and conduct new cross cultural exchange.
7 Aerial Photography Club In recent years, with the rapid development of remote control flight technology and its miniaturization, drone has become popular. In the photography activity, drone can be seen hovering in the air every time. Shooting from the air is much more free than shooting on the ground, and you can have a wide field of vision that have never been seen before.
8 Students' Fellowship Through the diversified students’ fellowship activities, fostering students’ attitudes and equipping them as spiritual youth leaders.
Sports 9 Table Tennis Team Through the systematic training, table tennis team enhances students' table tennis skill level and cultivates team spirits.
10 Basketball Team Basketball Club is a welcoming and inclusive sport that can be enjoyed by all students, regardless of year group or ability level. It is a team sport that can help to develop a student’s teamwork and time management skills, as well as their self-esteem and a sense of belonging. Also, there are a number of basketball tournaments throughout the year, with all our participants being given an opportunity to take part in as many as possible.
11 Football Team As long as you love playing football and want to improve your skills, the Football Team welcomes all students to participate!
Uniformed Groups 12 Red Cross Our Red Cross Youth Unit 186, as members of the International Red Cross Movement. Members of the groups will receive, apart from marching, different kinds of training, cultivating students with discipline and service spirit.
13 Boy Scout The 130th Group of HKIR North District, the Scout Association of Hong Kong, cultivates Scout members' discipline, leadership and spirit of cooperation through regular gatherings and various activities.
14 The Boys'Brigade, HK The 104th. Company of The Boys' Brigade, Hong Kong - The advancement of Christ's Kingdom among young people and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian Manliness.
Arts and Interests 15 Choir There are more than 40 members in CLSNP Choir. Choir memebers improve and polish their vocal techniques and ensembleship by particpating the Choir rehearsal every Monday and Friday. It's time to show us your talent and potential by joining CLSNP School Choir. You'll be the star!
16 Dacne Club The Dance Club cultivates students’ interest in dance, enhances students’ creativity and enriches students’ learning experience by learning different styles of dance (such as jazz dance, street dance, etc.). Let's join us!!
17 Amazing Brick Club Amazing Brick Club is a Block Club for Concordians. We encourage students to create every type of creations, including creatures, buildings and mecha creations. We will have regular getherings on Thursdays. Please join us if you are interested.
18 Baking Club Through making recipes selected by the students in groups, the Baking Club teaches them different baking skills, such as making basic sponge cakes, whipping egg white and cream, and piping butter cream. Students can also have the opportunity to bake for teachers and schoolmates at different festivals or school special events. Don't have oven or baking tools at home? No worries. Join the Baking Club to make your baking dream come true!
19 Drama Club The Drama Club is dedicated to bringing the joy and power of Drama to students by providing dramatic programming (in Cantonese). It pledges to offer participants the chance to experience the excitement and rewards of theatre arts. The club has opportunities for theatre games, script-reading, field trip for live theatre performances and competitions. Let’s show your talent on the stage! Join us!

  1. All Secondary One to Five students must participate in at least 1 school club or sports team.
  2. All Secondary One students must participate in a uniform group.
  3. Due to tight study schedule, all Secondary Six students are allowed to decide whether they should participate in co-curricular activities on their own discrepancy.
  4. All students have to pass a physical fitness test before participating in any sports teams.
  5. Except the individuals with school approval, each student could only participate in a maximum of 2 co-curricular activities (school clubs and sport teams inclusive).
  6. To enable students to better-prepare for the school examinations, there will be no co-curricular activities one week before the examinations.
  7. All students have to submit the parent’s reply slip before attending any outdoor activities.
  8. Members should attend the activities organized by their school clubs and/or sports teams. Penalty would be imposed for absence without school permission. School club/sports team advisors would grade all members based on their performance as well as participation in the club activities. The grade(s) for co-curricular activities would be printed on the report card of each school term.
Students with active participation in the CCA would be awarded appreciation card(s) and/or merit(s) as a token of encouragement. Committee members and team leaders with excellent performance would be awarded merit(s) or a minor credit as recognition of great effort.
Leave of Absence
  1. Should a student be absent from any co-curricular activities due to sickness, he/she has to submit a written explanation of leave of absence together with the medical certificate of sick leave to the club advisor within 3 days.
  2. Should a student be absent from any co-curricular activities due to personal matters, he/she has to submit a written explanation of leave of absence (with parent’s signature) to the club advisor prior the day of absence.Should a student be not able to attend any co-curricular activities due to unexpected sickness during school time, he/she has to follow the school policy to apply for a sick leave on that day, and submit a written explanation of leave of absence together with the medical certificate of sick leave to the club advisor within 3 days.