All Notices

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2021-01-06Arrangement of resuming face-to-face lessons for S6
2021-01-06Provision of Subsidy to Needy Primary and Secondary Students for Purchasing Mobile Computer Devices to Facilitate the Practice of e-Learning
2020-12-22Top-up Grant for Supporting Online Learning of Financially Needy Students
2020-12-08CLSNP Parent-Teacher Association Annual General Meeting
2020-12-07Notice for 1st Parents' Day
2020-12-01Suspension of Face-to-face lessons
2020-11-10Circular for December 2020 and January 2021
2020-10-281st examS6 examination syllabus & revision guide
2020-10-281st examS5 examination syllabus & revision guide
2020-10-281st examS4 examination syllabus & revision guide
2020-10-281st examS3 examination syllabus & revision guide
2020-10-281st examS2 examination syllabus & revision guide
2020-10-281st examS1 examination syllabus & revision guide
2020-10-07Student Grant 2020/2021
2020-09-24Resumption of face-to-face lessons for S2-S4
2020-09-24Circular for October and November 2020
2020-09-17Purchasing of Winter School Uniform
2020-09-16Resumption of face-to-face lessons for S1, S5 and S6
2020-08-31Notes for the New School Year (2020-2021)
2020-08-31Notice for Commencement of School
2020-08-08S1 Online Summer Vacation Assignments Academic Support Program
2020-07-29Student Information (2020-2021)
2020-07-28Picking up various documents at school
2020-07-28Newsletter from March to July 2020
2020-07-24Release of Report Cards and other items for S1-S5
2020-07-14Paper Checking for Final Examination
2020-07-11S1 Orientation (Parents' Talk)
2020-07-10Arrangement during Summer Vacation
2020-07-07S5 to S6 Summer Holidays Supplementary Class 2019-20
2020-07-032019-2020 S6 Graduation Ceremony
2020-06-11Summer Vacation Supplementary Exercise
2020-06-11S4 to S5 Final Examination Timetable
2020-06-11S1 to S3 Final Examination Timetable
2020-06-10Questionnaire Survey on Internet Addiction of Youth
2020-06-08S5 Examination Syllabus & Revision Guide
2020-06-08S4 Examination Syllabus & Revision Guide
2020-06-08S3 Examination Syllabus & Revision Guide
2020-06-08S2 Examination Syllabus & Revision Guide
2020-06-08S1 Examination Syllabus & Revision Guide
2020-06-08Circular for June and July 2020
2020-05-30Learning Contents & Materials from 1 June to 5 Jun and Other Issues
2020-05-23Resumption of School and Other Issues
2020-05-16Learning Contents & Materials from 18 May to 22 May and Other Issues
2020-05-09Learning Contents & Materials from 11 May to 15 May and Other Issues
2020-04-25Learning Contents & Materials from 28 April to 8 May and Other Issues
2020-04-18Learning Contents & Materials from 20 April to 24 April and Other Issues
2020-04-16Collection of the HKDSEE 2020 Admission Form
2020-04-08Newsletter from November 2019 to February 2020
2020-04-04Learning Contents & Materials from 6 April to 17 April and Other Issues
2020-03-28Learning Contents & Materials from 30th March to 3rd April and Other Issues
2020-03-21Learning Contents & Materials from 23rd March to 27th March and Other Issues
2020-03-14Learning Contents & Materials from 16 March to 20 March
2020-03-07Learning Contents & Materials from 9 March to 13 March
2020-03-06Collection of the HKDSEE 2020 Admission Form
2020-02-29Latest arrangement on the resumption of school on 20 April 2020
2020-02-22Learning Contents & Materials from 24/2 to 28/2
2020-02-15Latest arrangement on the resumption of school on 16 March 2020
2020-02-10Latest arrangement on the resumption of school on 2 March 2020
2020-02-01Learning Contents & Materials during suspension of school
2020-01-30Latest updates on the situation of Novel Coronavirus infection cases
2020-01-26Latest arrangement on the situation of Novel Coronavirus infection cases
2020-01-16Circular for February and March 2020
2020-01-10Students Grant 2019/2020
2020-01-06Alert on the cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan of Mainland
2019-12-19Parents’ Seminar on “Senior Secondary Curriculum and Subject Choices”
2019-12-11Revision programme and supplementary examination
2019-12-11Reading Fluency Training Programme
2019-12-11Chemistry Supplementary Class
2019-12-07S.6 students Mock interview
2019-12-062019-2020 “Teaching, Learning & Serving” An Integrated Youth Growing Scheme of the Lutheran Church
2019-12-04S6 Christmas and Chinese Lunar Year Holidays Supplementary Class 2019-20
2019-12-03Working hand in hand to safeguard the school
2019-11-28Secondary 5 Crossroads X-perience: Struggle for Survival
2019-11-28Circular for December 2018 and January 2019
2019-11-281st Parents' Day
2019-11-27Extra Rehearsal for Choir
2019-11-27Project We Can “Music for Good” Program – Youth Empowerment Session
2019-11-2571st Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (2019)
2019-11-25Hong Kong Baptist University Seminar for JUPAS
2019-11-14Newsletter for July to October 2019
2019-11-12Cancellation of Revision Classes for S.1-S.3 and the seventh lesson for S.6
2019-11-11Inter-school Mock Examination of Tourism and Hospitality Studies
2019-11-102019-2020 Inter-school table tennis competition (Girls’ A grade)
2019-11-04Pre-exam Revision Classes
2019-11-04"Book Purchase for the Library
2019-10-28Jockey Club Futsal Cup(School Division) for Football Team Members
2019-10-25S6 1st Term Exam Syllabus
2019-10-25S5 1st Term Exam Syllabus
2019-10-25S4 1st Term Exam Syllabus
2019-10-25S3 1st Term Exam Syllabus
2019-10-25S2 1st Term Exam Syllabus
2019-10-25S1 1st Term Exam Syllabus
2019-10-25Collection of the DSE Certificate 2019
2019-10-17Application for Special Examination Arrangements (Internal Examination) 2019-2020
2019-10-10Enrollment Service of The Boy's Brigade 104th Company, HK
2019-10-10The Purchase of the Boy's Brigade Uniform
2019-10-09The Reflective Path of Rehabilitation Pioneer Project
2019-10-09S1 NCS "Project We Can" Enterprise Visit : Science Park & Robotics Workshop
2019-10-08S1 NCS English Reading Activity: Becoming a Detective for Secondary Schools
2019-10-08Purchasing of Football Team Uniform
2019-10-04Protect the safety of children in social issue
2019-10-03Chinese Language Subject – After School Tutorial Class (SSP Programme)
2019-09-30Scout Uniform Purchasing Activity
2019-09-27Enterprise Visit: China Light & Power Limited (ElectriCity)
2019-09-26Circular for October and November 2019
2019-09-232019-2022 Election of Parent Manager of CLSNP IMC & The Election of 22nd Executive Committees of CLSNP Parent Teacher Association (Voting Form)
2019-09-23After-school Baking Class
2019-09-19Dance club training activities
2019-09-19Guitar Class
2019-09-19Purchasing of Winter School Uniform
2019-09-18Football Team Training
2019-09-18Chinese Language Subject – After School Tutorial Class
2019-09-18School Choir
2019-09-18Piano Classes
2019-09-17S3 Sex Education
2019-09-13Chinese Language Subject – Cantonese Opera Experience
2019-09-11Be alert of children’s emotion and safety caused by the current social situation
2019-09-09Moon Festival Celebration Day
2019-09-09“Handball Team Training Activities”
2019-09-09Liberal Studies Life-wide and Field-based Learning Course: Sustainable Development and Heritage Conversation
2019-09-09The Purchase of Red Cross Uniform
2019-09-092019-2022 Election of Parent Manager of CLSNP IMC & The Election of 22nd Executive Committees of CLSNP Parent Teacher Association
2019-09-09Table Manners and Etiquette Workshop
2019-09-05S1 information technology skills training class
2019-09-03Library Cards for All School Children Scheme
2019-09-02Table tennis Team Training Activities
2019-09-02The Purchase of S2 Integrated Humanities Textbook (School based)
2019-09-02The Purchase of S1 Integrated Humanities Textbook (School based)
2019-09-02“Basketball Team Training Activities”
2019-09-02Notes for the New School Year 2019-2020