School-based Measures 2019-2022

  • Basic requirements for learners
    • Bring all necessary textbook(s), notebook(s) and stationery for every lesson
    • Pay attention during lesson
  • Learning habits
    • Carry out lesson preparation before lessons
    • Take notes during lessons
    • Complete homework assignments on time
  • New measures for raising students’ learning effectiveness and the learning atmosphere at school
    • Workshop on information technology skills.
    • Special arrangement of the 7th lesson (a 6-day cycle basis) and after-school study programmes for Secondary 6 students
    • Extension of the school hours (7th lesson) for Secondary Five students during the 3rd term
    • Extended opening hours to 6:00 pm of the school library as a self-study centre
  • Enhancement programmes
    • Senior forms Elite Students Programme
    • Shooting the Stars Programme
    • S1 to S3 pre-exam revision classes
    • S4 & S5 study groups
    • S1 to S2 exam revision classes
    • Concordia 2nd Classroom: After-school Enhancement Course
  • Remedial programmes
    • S1 to S5 Central Homework Collection Programmeand Post-exam Remedial Programme
    • School-based after-school learning and support programmes

Lesson Regulations & Homework Policy

Lesson Regulations

1. When the preparatory bell rings, students should be properly seated in the classroom and ready with textbook(s), notebook(s) and stationery.

2. Students should be polite, and they should greet their teachers before and after the lessons.

3. Students should cooperate with their teachers during lessons.

4. Students should sit upright, listen carefully to their teachers and frequently take notes in the class.

5. Students should maintain active participation and collaborate with others to complete the task(s) during group activities.

6. Students should be respectful and polite when answering teachers’ questions as well as listening to their peers’ presentations.

7. Self-directed learning, questioning and note-taking are highly encouraged during lessons. Praise and awards will be presented to active learners as tokens of appreciation.

8. Improper behavior which interrupts teaching and learning in the class is prohibited.

9. Students should ask for a teacher’s permission with sound reasoning to leave the classroom.

Homework Policy

1. Daily homework assignments will be assigned for core subjects including Chinese, English and Mathematics. Students will need to complete a variety of tasks before lessons such as completing pre-lesson assignments, completing revision exercises, reading newspaper articles and researching on the internet.

2. All homework assignments and lesson preparation will be written on the blackboard by subject teachers. Students are required to record them in their student handbook.

3. The homework assignment information will be uploaded by subject teachers to eclass eHomework promptly.

Qualifications for Academic Awards

The qualifications required for the academic awards in each term are denoted as follows:

1. In each form, the best three students with the highest grand total marks of the year will be awarded the Best Three Academic Awards.
2. In each term, students with the highest mark in each subject will be awarded a Subject Prize
3. Academic Excellent Student Award
4. Academic Good Student Award
5 Academic Improvement Award

S1 to S5 Central Homework Collection Programme

To cultivate students’ habit of handing in homework on time.

Teachers will access students’ learning progress after class, reteach them the knowledge needed and help them to complete their homework.

"Concordia 2nd Classroom" scheme

The scheme aims to provide S1 and S2 students with different types of top-notch teaching materials and to enhance their understanding of the content in an interactive manner. The classes are conducted in small classes, allowing the tutors to attend to each student’s learning needs. Learning knowledge in a relaxed and happy environment can inspire students’ potential for independent learning. In addition, the tutors and the subject teachers will observe the students’ classroom performance and exchange views on a regular basis, so as to make adjustments to the teaching and to maximize the effectiveness.

Shooting for the Stars

To boost students’ confidence in taking exams, our school has set up an after-school support program–“Shooting for the Stars”.

The measure of the plan includes two “study rooms” specifically for S6 students. Not only can students prepare for the public exams in a comfortable and peaceful environment after school, but also can they use the electronic learning devices provided by the school (e.g. iPads) every day. Some refreshments are also prepared to give them a boost.

Most importantly, the subject teacher will set subject goals with each student participating in the plan, and divide them into different small steps, with feasible and quantifiable approaches, to improve the student’s performance step by step. In addition to daily classroom teaching, the teacher will also go to the study rooms to answer students’ questions after class, and provide additional exercises for the public exams. All of these are intended to improve students’ test-taking abilities systematically and help the students to achieve good results in HKDSE.