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Diversity Learning Brand-new Vision

Our school is committed to the development of non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students’ Chinese language education, whose aim is to facilitate their learning of Chinese as a second language. In addition, they are inspired to learn and understand Chinese culture through diversified activities to enable them to integrate into the community.

To cater for NCS students’ different learning needs, our school participated in the Empowerment and Transition Project organised by the CACLER of The University of Hong Kong (Faculty of Education). The purpose of the programme is to enhance teachers’ professional capacity for teaching NCS students to learn Chinese as well as their competence in school-based curriculum planning so as to facilitate NCS students’ smooth transition from primary to secondary education.

To enable both NCS and local students to understand the essence of Chinese culture and to learn to respect different cultures, the Chinese Department has organised a variety of activities. Students made lanterns and guessed riddles at Mid-Autumn Festival. Also, the Department, as well as the STEAM Team, taught students to make Moon Lamps. Moreover, in collaboration with the Visual Arts Department, the Department taught students to make lion heads for lion dances to celebrate Lunar New Year. They learnt the blessings of Fai Chun in Chinese lessons in a relaxing atmosphere. All these activities featured the cultural significance of Chinese traditional customs.


Our school strives to establish a diverse and inclusive culture, hoping to allow both NCS and local students to communicate mutually and to learn from each other, so as to pave the way for them to develop new horizons and a better future together.