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2023-12-04Introduction of Outstanding Alumni : Series 1
2023-11-28Deep Learning: Subject Learning Activities
2023-11-15Circular for December 2023 and January 2024
2023-10-20Collection of the HKDSE Certificate 2023
2023-10-05The Election of 26th Executive Committees of CLSNP PTA
2023-10-05S3-S6 Experiential Study Day
2023-10-05S1-S2 Experiential Learning Day
2023-10-05S1-S2 Parents Lesson Observation
2023-09-28Circular for October and November 2023
2023-09-25S1-S2 NCS Chinese Language - After School Tutorial Class
2023-09-25Circular For Lesson Arrangement on Mid-Autumn Festival
2023-09-1423-24 SIV School Outreach (Free Charge) Programme
2023-09-14Purchasing of Winter School Uniform
2023-09-04Cchool Bus Services (September to November)
2023-09-01Lesson Arrangement on 4th September
2023-09-01Notes for the New School Year (2023-2024)
2023-05-25Circular For June and July 2023
2023-05-23Commerce Students Got Talent - Parent-Child Fun Trip
2023-05-23Third Term Examination and Revision Timetable
2023-05-23S1 Third Term Examintation Syllabus and Revision Guide
2023-05-23S2 Third Term Examintation Syllabus and Revision Guide
2023-05-23S3 Third Term Examintation Syllabus and Revision Guide
2023-05-23S4 Third Term Examintation Syllabus and Revision Guide
2023-05-23S5 Third Term Examintation Syllabus and Revision Guide
2022-09-01Notes for the New School Year (2022-2023)
2022-09-15Purchasing of Winter School Uniform
2022-09-21Confirmed COVID-19 infection of staff and student and the latest guidance of "LeaveHomeSafe" App
2022-09-22Circular for October and November 2022
2022-09-29Apply for a public library card
2022-09-30Vaccination Subsidy Scheme School Outreach
2022-10-06Quality Education Fund (QEF) e-Learning Funding Programme - Provision of Mobile Computer Devices and Internet Services Support (2022/23 School Year)
2022-10-25Collection of the HKDSEE Certificate 2022
2022-11-02Confirmed COVID-19 infection of staff in October
2022-11-10Circular for December 2022 and January 2023
2022-11-22Newsletter for July to October 2022
2022-12-01Notice for 1st Parents' Day