We aim to assist students to build up a strong foundation for their studies and future career. Apart from offering individual counseling and group activities, we also organise various seminars to enhance students’ understanding of education, employment and the workplace.


We have the vision to meet the actual needs of the students and the development of our school. We hope to establish our unique school-based “career education” gradually in the near future. Career education strives to bind the content and course of career counseling through various learning activities so as to help students develop personal career plan.
The preliminary goal of “career education” is to help students explore, discover and develop themselves in order to achieve self-realization and continue to better themselves.Students at the school are involved in a variety of learning activities that closely coordinate the development of the students’ future career.Teachers of different areas should emphasize the importance of theses activities in the career development for students. Students can thus utilize their potential and social resources, improve career planning and lifelong learning, so that they can further adapt to the rapid changing social environment and create a better personal life.

The implementation of career education in secondary education can be divided into four main stages: self and career awareness, career exploration, career orientation and career preparation. The contents include:

  1. Self- awareness
  2. Understanding the Careers and Job Opportunities
  3. What is career?
  4. Learning to achieve ideal career path and the methods
  5. Mastenig basic work-related skills, such as: job interview, etiquette, time management, etc.
  6. Establishing the correct attitude and values
  7. Constructing personal ideal career
  8. Work-related learning experiences


Help students understand their own expertise, ambition and ability, so that they can make effective and correct career choices.
Assist students to cultivate active learning, work and life attitude in order to educe their potential for continuous improvement.
Widen students’ vision about the world of work and education opportunities.
Encourage and motivate students to spontaneously gather further studies and employment information.
Guide students to make career decisions and encourage them to make personal decisions voluntarily.
Collect, process and provide the latest career information for all students, parents and teachers.
Collaborate with all colleagues and parents to hold career activities.
Establish a school-based career education model which includes large-scale career guidance activities, individual counseling and business indicators and a viable career counseling program.

Recent Activities

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2020 – 2021
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Further Studies

S.4 Subject Selection Criteria

Choosing the right elective subjects is very important for all S.3 students. We have some useful advice to make sure you make the best choices.
1. InterestInterest helps to sustain perseverance and do well in studies. Ask yourself before you make the decision, “How far do I enjoy the subjects taken so far? What subject do I like to study? Science, art or business?” Make decisions only after thoughtful consideration.
2. Ability

Choose the electives that you can handle. Therefore, consider these questions carefully before choosing your elevtives:

  • How well do I preform in each sibject?
  • Which subject do I find easy to cope?
  • Which subject do I find difficult?
  • How well can I predict myself to do well in the new subjects?
3. Advice from family, friends or teachersSeek advice from your parents, friends or teachers as they know you well. You can attend talks to get more information about further studies. You should also try a personality test to know more about yourself so that you can choose the electives that you are interested in.
4. Environmental factorsConsider whether you have adequate financial support from your family for you to pursue continuing education in the electives that you have chosen.
5. AspirationHave you deeply examined your aspirations? To mark your first point towards success, you should set goals for your future and evaluate if the chosen electives will help you achieve your goals.
6. PersonalityYour personality affects your interests and abilities. For example, if you love to use rational methods to investigate the human world, you should choose humanities subjects. Science subjects are suitable for students who love investigating and solving problems. It is important to choose the electives that fit your personality.
Although I have a bad performance in this subject, I am interested in studying in.
I like the subject teacher. I want to attend his lessons.
My friends all choose business subjects. I want to choose these subjects too.
I will go to study overseas very soon. I don’t need to choose my subjects carefully now.
I just want to choose some easy subjects.
I am not good at any subjects. It doesn’t matter even if I choose randomly.
I am not interested in science but studying science will help me find a good job in the future.
Selecting elective subjects is a personal event, advice from parents or teachers can be ignored.

VTC Programmes (Chinese ONLY)









The Hotel and Tourism Institute (HTI) aims to be the leading institution in hotel and tourism training in Hong Kong in order to support Hong Kong’s status as a premier travel destination in Asia. Programmes offered by HTI are diversified, up-to-date and meet the needs of the industry. Programmes include Food and Beverage Service, Front Office Operations, Housekeeping Operations, Hotel Spa Therapies, Event Management, Tour Service and Travel Agency Operations. Emphasis is placed on both fundamental knowledge and practical skills which lay a good foundation for students to enter into the professions. The range of our certificate and diploma programmes are designed for school leavers of S3 to S6. In addition, HTI offers supervisory and skills-upgrading programmes for in-service professionals.


1) 激勵學員發展正面的態度、責任感、重建信心及自尊心;
2) 鼓勵學員學習職業訓練課程或返回主流教育;和
3) 提高學員的就業能力,包括參加學徒/見習員訓練計劃。
職業發展計劃銜接三個領域: 1) Teen才再現 (前稱見聞樂學) 2) 青年內地見習計劃 3) 現代學徒計劃


Overseas Studies

Useful Links

The University of Hong KongThe Chinese University of Hong KongThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityCity University of Hong KongHong Kong Baptist University
The Education University of Hong KongLingnan UniversityHong Kong Metropolitan University
Hong Kong Shue Yan UniversityHong Kong Academy for Performing ArtsCaritas Institute of Higher Education
Chu Hai College of Higher EducationJUPASe Navigator
E-APPHang Seng University of Hong Kong 
Vocational Training CouncilConstruction Industry CouncilClothing Industry Training Authority
Hong Kong School of CommerceHospitality Industry Training and Development CentreHong Kong Productivity Council
Hong Kong School of Design Youth Employment StartHong Kong College of Technology
Education BureauEducation CommissionStudent Finance Office
Hok Yau ClubUniversity Grants CommitteeHong Kong Education City
Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational QualificationsQuality Education Fund Cyber Resource CentreEmployees Retraining Board
Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment AuthorityNew Academic Structure (ppt.)Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups-U21
British CouncilBritish Consulate-General, Hong KongAustralian Trade and Investment Commission
Council for Higher Education Accreditation, USAUS Scholarship GuideUseful Link for US Study
Australian Consulate-General Hong KongDepartment of Immigration and Border Protection, AustraliaIDP Australian Education
Beijing – Hong Kong Academic Exchange CentreUS Consulate General Hong KongCanadian Education Centre – Hong Kong
Education in Canada
Alliance FrancaiseCampusFrance Hong Kong OfficeConsulate-General of France in Hong Kong
Consulate General of Japan in Hong KongDeutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (Germany)German Consulate General Hong Kong
Tertiary Education Services Office, MacauNew Zealand Consulate-GeneralConsulate-General of the Republic of Singapore
Education in SwitzerlandTaiwan Education CentreHong Kong Overseas Studies Centre
Labour DepartmentGovernment VacanciesMingpo
Job MarketCareertimesClassifiedPost

Counseling Hotlines

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups – Counseling Centre2788 3433
2788 3444
2777 8899
Interview counseling service
Emotional health, relationships and sex, learning difficulties as well as media literacy
Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters2399 2186 升學資料查詢、升學問題解答
Careers Advisory Service, Labour Department2385 2044
2399 2241
2717 1771Career conselling and information
Student Conselling Centre,
Hok Yau Club
2578 51112503 3399 (3 lines)
on Mon, Wed and Fri : 1900-2100
Studies and careers information, exam skills
Counselling & Hotline Service
2715 76472711 6622
From Mon to Fri : 1900-2100
Studies and career, relationships and family conselling
The Samaritan Befrienders
Hong Kong
2790 88442398 2222
24 hours
Emotional counselling
The Samaritans
2804 28132832 0000 (Cantonese)
24 hours
Emotional counselling
Breakthrough2632 0145
2632 0146
2317 0733
Everday : 1630-1930
Interview counseling service for secondary student
fee : $50 / 50 minutes
Personal growth, studies, relationships and sex
H.K.S.K.H. Counselling Service2713 9174
2521 3457
 Emotional and mental health, studies, career, relationships
Family Service Centre
Hong Kong Christian Service
2731 6251
2454 1236
From Mon to Fri : 0845-1730Children, teenagers and their families
Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service2171 4222Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri : 0900-1730
Tue : 1245-1730
Individuals and families
Career Guidance
2399 21842891 0088Local and overseas studies, scholarship information
Central Health Education
Department of Health
2835 1835
2835 1825
2833 0111 
School Social Work Service,
Social Welfare Department
2322 7735
2322 7875
2343 2255 (24 hours)Seconday students and parents

Contact Us

If you have any queries about further studies, please do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Ms Law Lai To (Careers Mistress)
  • Ms Lai Siu Ngai
  • Mr Yeung Tsun Ho
  • Ms Zheng Yi Wei