Our Campus

Our Campus

Our campus is spacious and 4600 sq.m in size. Students can enjoy our modern library, large gymnasium and an outdoor sports ground, a covered playground, 27 classrooms and 13 special rooms. All are air-conditioned and covered with wifi network. We have finished the School Improvement Project with a number of new classrooms and special rooms set up in the new phase, providing students with an enhanced learning environment.

  1. Our school is situated in the mid-levels of Braemar Hills. All the classrooms on our 9 storeys are well-equipped with air-conditioning, computers, projectors and visualisers. Teachers integrate technology into their teaching, making their lessons interactive and fun greatly arousing students’ interest in learning.

  2. MMLC and Computer Rooms
    To equip our students with the skills and knowledge for their future career, our school endeavors to promote ITC. There are 2 computer rooms and an MMLC. There are sufficient computers for every student. The computer rooms are open at lunch breaks. Students cannot afford to have a computer and on-line service at home can complete their homework at school.

  3. Gymnasium
    Our gymnasium is one of the largest sports halls among Hong Kong schools, accommodating over 1000 people. The gymnasium is air-conditioned. It is used for morning assembly, OLE lesson and Physical Education lesson. It is an excellent venue for school activities: basketball, handball and table-tennis competitions and training sessions, fun fairs, orienteering games and talks and much more.

  4. Staff Rooms on Every Floor
    Our staff sit in small staff rooms on every floor instead of in one large office. Generally, homeroom teachers will be allocated in the staff room on the same floor of their respective classes so that they can take good care of their students and cultivate a better relationship.

  5. Multi-purpose Covered Playground
    We endeavour to make full use of our space to develop different kinds of co-curricular activities for our students. One good example of this is our multi-purpose covered playground. The covered playground is next to our tuck shop on the ground floor. During lesson time, it is a place for our PE lesson. At recess, students can play table tennis or enjoy the food they buy from the tuck shop there. After school, it becomes an area for archery training.

  6. Canteen and Abiding Grace Lutheran Church
    Our school canteen is air-conditioned providing a good environment for teachers and students to enjoy the food comfortably together. Next to the canteen, the Abiding Grace Lutheran Church is a tranquil and solemn place where mini music concerts and devotions are held regularly so that teachers and students can get close to the God.。
MMLC and Computer Rooms
Multi-purpose Covered Playground
Canteen and Abiding Grace Lutheran Church