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About Us

Members of Careers Team
Ms Chan Ching Han
(Careers Mistress)
Ms Lai Siu Ngai Ms Law Lai To Ms Hsu Kai Lai
Our Purpose
We aim to assist students to build up a strong foundation for their studies and future career. Apart from offering individual counseling and group activities, we also organise various seminars to enhance the students' understanding of education, employment and the workplace.

Our Vision
We have the vision to meet the actual needs of the students and the development of our school. We hope to establish our unique school-based “career education” gradually in the near future. Career education stresses to bind the content and course of career counseling through various learning activities so as to help students develop personal career plan.
The preliminary goal of “career education” is to help students explore, discover and develop themselves in order to achieve self-realization and continue to better themselves.Students at the school are involved in a variety of learning activities that are closely coordinated the development of the students’ future career.Teachers of different areas should emphasize the importance of theses activities in the career development for students. Students can thus utilize their potential and social resources, improve career planning and lifelong learning, so that they can further adapt to the rapid changing social environment and create a better personal life.
The implementation of career education in secondary education can be divided into four main stages: self and career awareness, career exploration, career orientation and career preparation. The contents include:

  1. Self- awareness
  2. Understanding the Careers and Job Opportunities
  3. What is career?
  4. Learn how to achieve ideal career path and the methods
  5. Master basic work-related skills, such as: job interview, etiquette, time management, etc.
  6. Establish the correct attitude and values
  7. Construct personal ideal career
  8. Work-related learning experiences
Our Objectives
Help students understand their own expertise, ambition and ability, so that they can make effective and correct careers choices.
Assist students cultivate active learning, work and life attitude in order to educe their potential for continuous improvement.
Widen students’ vision about the world of work and education opportunities.
Encourage and motivate students to spontaneously gather further studies and employment information.
Guide students to make careers decisions and encourage them to make personal decisions voluntarily.
Collect, process and provide the latest career information for all students, parents and teachers.
Collaborate with all colleagues and parents to hold careers activities.
Establish a school-based career education model which includes large-scale careers guidance activities, individual counseling and business indicators and a viable career counseling program.