Guidance Team

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CLSNP Guidance Team

Key Area of Action:

1. Work closely with all school departments,
 provide service learning opportunities,
 implement life education,
 establish a caring, healthy campus,
 foster positive values of students,
 allow students to grow and develop in full.

2. Through individual counseling, preventive and developmental activities are held in order to:
 strengthen students’ resilience,
 foster positive values of students,
 develop multi-intelligence,
 enhance self-esteem and sense of accomplishment,
 establish a healthy, caring and inclusive campus.

3. Through early identification of students with special needs, we offer:
 individual coaching to students and their family,
 tailored-made programs, learning groups and activities.

4. School and parents are in fact a team and we help parents to better understand the ability and uniqueness of their children so that we can and assist parents and students to have a better planning for their future.

5. To improve the quality and skills in counseling among teachers, professional development by means of seminars and workshops are held and joint regularly.