Parent Teacher Association

Parent Teacher Association

Committee members of Parent – Teacher Association 2020-2021
Ms. Vivien Lam
Vice Chairperson
Ms. Choi Hiu Yuk
Dr. Leung Cheuk Fun
Mr. Cheung Lap Tak
Ms. Wu Xiaoyang
Ms. Wong Lai Fan
Ms. Li Mei Yi
Ms. Ling Rui
Ms. Guo Xing Na
Committee Members
Ms. Wu Mei Chi
Ms. Xian Xiao Yun
Ms. Wong Chuk Kwan
Mr. Lee Pui Yeung
Honorary Members
Ms. Vicky Chan Wai Fun
PTA Work in Academic Year 2018-19
Objectives of the Parent–Teacher Association are as follows:
  1. To provide opportunities for parents to understand the school context.
  2. To strengthen parent–child relationship through participating in meetings, social service and talks.
  3. To raise the awareness of environmental protection through organizing various interesting activities.
  4. To build up the atmosphere of appreciation to teachers at school.
  5. To promote the habit of reading among students and encourage them to value self-improvement.
  6. To maintain the well-beings of parents.
Concordia Service Day
Concordia Service Day is held in December every year and all F.1 & F.4 students will be recruited in this meaningful event. Programs are organized by the students and also the parents which include stage performance, snack booths and chit-chat with the elderly. The objective of this activity is to provide an opportunity for students and parents to serve the elderly in the community and let them feel the warm and caring atmosphere of the school.
Family Tour
The family tour is jointly organized by the CLSNP Parent-Teacher Association and Concordia Travel Agency. At the beginning of the 1st semester, teachers of the business subject set up Concordia Travel Agency and invite students who study tourism and hospitality to join. The family tour is planned by the committees of Concordia Travel Agency and they have to introduce their plans to all students and let them vote for their favorite route during the morning session. Two of the most popular tour plans will then be introduced to the committees of the Parent–Teacher Association. Finally, the most suitable route will be selected for implementation. This activity not only provides an opportunity for student and their parents to establish rapport, but also offer an authentic context for students to apply what they have learnt in their lessons.

Old books donation activity
The aim of old books donation activity is to raise the awareness of environmental protection among our students and alleviate the economic burden of parents.

Parents – Also – Appreciate – Teachers Drive
The “Parents–Also–Appreciate–Teachers Drive” organized by the committee on Home-School cooperation is to promote the gratitude and appreciation among students and parents to teachers. In this drive, thank you cards will be given to the teachers of which, warm messages and blessings will be written on them. Those cards will be collected by the P.T.A. and then deliver to teachers in the morning assembly.

Books Coupons
Reading extensively is beneficial. To encourage students to read more, Parent–Teacher Association offers $1500 sponsorship for students to buy books in the annual book fair organized by the school library. Students who have good performance academically or school service can will receive $3 book coupon from teachers. In additional, Parent – Teacher Association will also issue $100 book coupons to award students who have outstanding conduct or most improved conduct.

Healthy Breakfast promotion activity
To encourage students to have breakfast daily and promote the importance of having “healthy breakfast”, Parent–Teacher Association allocates $3000 to subsidize “Healthy Breakfast Together” activity held by Life Education Department.