20240410-Xuelong 2 Polar Scientists in Dialogue with Hong Kong Students

On 10th April, 250 students from more than 20 local secondary schools in Hong Kong gathered at the Hong Kong Science Museum and had the opportunity to meet polar scientists in person.  They held a hybrid meeting with other polar experts from Zhongshan Station located in Antartica.  Experts present in the museum included Yang Huigen, a researcher at the China Polar Research Center, Li Zhengyang, a member of China’s 40th Polar Expedition, Li Lexi, founder of the Polar Museum Foundation, and Lin Chaoying, former director of the Hong Kong Observatory; connecting online from the Zhongshan Station, Hu Zejun, station director; Ji Tuo, associate researcher in charge of astronomical observation; and Wang Anliang, senior engineer in charge of seawater and meteorological monitoring. Our students raised questions about various aspects of polar expeditions, and the scientists gave insightful answers patiently. After the activity, the students were interviewed by reporters, and they shared their thoughts on the polar science issues they were interested in.