北協家校中秋慶團圓 03
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DateEvent Title
2024-04-10Second Term Award Presentation Ceremony
2024-03-24Women's Basketball Team Volunteer Service
2024-03-242024Young Innovators Bazaar
2024-02-03NIKE All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Basketball Tournament 2023-2024
2024-01-03First Term Award Presentation Ceremony
2023-12-19Christmas Concert
2023-11-30School Picnic
2023-11-6Junior Contract Bridge Trial Class
2023-11-3Volunteer-Chan's Creative School (H.K. Island) Sportsday
2023-10-27~28Prefect Training Camp
2023-10-27Student Union - Chinese Chess Competition
2023-10-24STEAM-Marble RUN
2023-10-24S1-S2 Parents Lesson Observation
2023-10-24S3-S6 Experimential Learning Day
2023-10-18Kickstart of 'Shooting for the Stars'
2023-10-18Asian Games Bridge Gold Medalist Alan Sze Alumni Sharing Session
2023-10-16Lunchtime Activity--Dodgebee
2023-10-1655th Anniversry Launching Ceremony
2023-10-1514th Hong Kong Tug of War Open
2023-10-13 Improving Governance at the District Level Talk
2023-10-12Student Union Inauguration Ceremony
2023-10-12Campus TV Introductory Course
2023-10-11OLE_NCS Chinese Kung Fu
2023-10-11Wallet Making Class
2023-10-05C House Welcoming Party
2023-10-04Student Union Q&A Session
2023-09-25Athletes Revision Class
2023-09-191A Letter Writing Activity
2023-09-16Summer English Improvement Course Sharing Session
2023-09-16S.1-4 Parent-Teacher Meeting
2023-09-04School Opening Ceremony
2022-06-24Graduation Ceremony - Prize Presentation
Mock Job Interview
2022-05-24Inter-house basketball competition
2021-07-12End of Year Ceremony
2021-07-07S5 Personality Dimension Workshop
2021-07-05Chinese Historical and Cultural Day
2021-07-03Leadership Training Day
2021-06-26STEM DAY
2021-06-25 Graduation Ceremory
2021-06-09 Annual Evangelistic Meeting
2021-06-04Harvard Book Prize 2021
2021-06-02 Inter-Class Nutrition and Health Challenge
2021-05-28Rainbow Funfair
2021-05-26Talk from Art to Head Program
2021-05-26Junior Form Inter-house Humanities Quiz Competition
2021-05-18Junior Form Inter-house Humanities Quiz Competition
2021-05-12Health School Programme “Adventure Teens” Programme
2021-05-12S1 Inter-Class Basketball Shooting Competition
2021-05-10School Sports Programme-Rowing
2021-05-08NOBN 3X3 Tournament
2021-05-06 The 4.23 World Book Day Creative Competition in 2021 Awards
2021-05-05Healthy School Programme
2021-05-05 Life Buddies - Mentoring Scheme 2nd meeting
2021-05-01NOBN 3X3 Tournament
2021-04-26Let_s fly the Dodgeball
2021-04-23Dodgebee Workshop
2021-04-20Alumni visit the School as Senior Superintendent and Chief Inspector
Making arts _ crafting group
2021-04-14 Award Presentation Ceremony (2nd term)
2021-04-02Basketball Shooting Machine Workshop - Buddhist Chung Wah Kornhill Primary School
2021-04-01CYLF Community Chest Slam Dunk Skills Challenge
2021-03-31Virtual visit to Modern Terminals Limited
2021-03-31Good Food Good Mood (Nuts)
2021-03-30Easter Week
2021-03-24S3 Electives Selection Workshop
2021-03-23S.3 Career Book Report_3A
2021-03-22Distribution of Epidemic Care Packs
2021-02-26Prize Presentation of VShow held by Student Union
2021-02-26Prize Presentation of CLSNP Math Competition
2021-02-26S6 Inter-Class Rope Skipping Competition
2021-02-22Inter-Class Nutrition and Health Challenge Ceremony
2020-12-21Virtual Christmas Party
2020-12-16Mock Release of Results for S6 Students
2020-12-09 First Term Prize Presentation Ceremory
2020-12-01 Good Food Good Mood(Dark Chocolate)
2020-12-01 Taiji Bailong Ball Workshop
2020-11-30 Dodgeball Workshop
2020-11-19 Basketball Shooting Machine Workshop - Chan's Creative School(Hong Kong Island)
2020-11-18 Basketball Shooting Machine Workshop - Salesian School
2020-11-17Basketball Shooting Machine Workshop - Chan's Creative School (Hong Kong Island)
2020-11-11 HKU Admission Talk
2020-11-05 Sports Photography Workshop - After School Activities
2020-11-04 Sports Photography Workshop - Table Tennis Team & Girls Basketball Team
2020-10-30 Life Buddies Mentoring Scheme - 1st Meeting
2020-10-27Laser Gun Workshop
2020-10-22 Concordia 2nd Classroom
2020-10-21 Good Food Good Mood (Banana and Strawberry)
2020-10-21VTC Admission Talk
2020-10-21Career Planning Lesson for S4 AND S5 students-1st lesson
2020-10-20football training
2020-10-17Sports Photography Workshop - Prefect Training Day Camp
2020-10-16Briefing Session on Careers Corner of the school library
2020-09-30Mid-Autumn Festival English Riddles Solving
2020-09-30Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
2020-09-30Self-awareness Workshop for S.1 and S.2 students
2020-09-25Mid-Autumn Festival DIY Lantern Making
2020-09-16Career Talk about JUPAS and the Multiple Pathways program and Alumni Sharing Sessions
2020-06-24Tuen Ng Festival DIY Fragrant Sachet Making
2020-06-24Joyful Fruit Month
2020-01-21Singing Contest
2020-01-17Chinese Lessons – Chinese New Year Celebaration
2020-01-15Volunteer Service
2020-01-11Leadership Training Camp 2020
2020-01-10The Chinese History and Cultural Week
2020-01-07The 46th Athletic Meet Prize-Giving
2020-01-07The 46th Athletic Meet
2019-12-19"From Zero to Hero" - Food for Thought
2019-11-22Graduates Visiting
2019-09-14Cross Curricular Activity – Moon Lantern Making
2019-09-13Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration