“Overcoming Challenges, A Colorful Life” Hong Kong Primary And Secondary School Positive Education Sharing Seminar And Activity Day

CLSNP has always valued positive education! In celebration of our school’s 55th anniversary, we successfully held the “Overcoming Challenges, A Colorful Life” Positive Education Sharing Seminar and Activity Day on April 27, 2024 (Saturday).

The event consisted of parent and teacher workshops, as well as student workshops, with a total of over 100 participants including parents, students, and teachers.

Parent and Teacher Workshops

There were two workshops conducted on that day. The first workshop was titled “Enhancing Students’ Focus and Self-Management Skills,” presented by Ms. Poon Kit-wai, a senior occupational therapist. The second workshop was led by Ms. Lee Tsz Lin and Ms. Chung Wing Shan, the directors of Hong Kong Mind, who discussed the implementation of positive education in schools with parents and teachers.

Student Workshops

Activity 1: Sports X Focus Mini Games

Through different sports training and games, students learned how to express and follow instructions, thus enhancing their concentration.

Student Workshops

Activity 2: Memory Mini Games

Through various mental training exercises and games, students were taught simple memory techniques and skills.

Student Workshops

Activity 3: Harmonious Pastel Art

By creating harmonious pastel artwork, students were able to communicate with their inner selves, letting go of daily worries and finding joy and hope, promoting a healthier mindset.

Student Workshops

Activity 4: Bonsai Making

Bonsai making is an art that combines plants and creativity. By cultivating and shaping trees, shrubs, herbs, and succulents in small containers, students created enchanting miniature landscapes. The presence of beautiful greenery provided a sense of tranquility and stress relief.